lundi, 19 novembre 2018

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All new EU funds for Africa "must be spent on Libya and Niger" to help them manage migration flows",

European Parliament president Antonio Tajani during a lightening visit to Tripoli. He was speaking in reference to the 500 million euros of additional funding allocated to the European trust fund for Africa, which should be matched by national funds. During his mission Tajani also announced a series of proposals and initiatives including the creation of a "black list of people smugglers" and said that Libya's southern borders need to be "controlled" and "strengthened" in the bid to stem migration to Europe. "During the meeting with premier Fayez al Sarraj we agreed a series of initiatives concerning this important country, trying to use a significant part of the trust fund," he continued in reference to projects in the health and education sectors, with "study grants allowing the best Libyan students to attend university in Europe". Tajani also said that the EU is prepared "to send a delegation of parliamentary observers" for the future elections, which represent a crucial step in stabilising the country. However, the timing is up to the Libyans, he added. Before departing for Rome, Tajani met with representatives of the Libyan navy and thanked them for their "excellent work in preventing migrants from leaving and saving lives at sea".

He also announced the allocation of 40 million euros from the trust fund to support them in their operations.

Giuseppe Maria LAUDANI (ANSAmed)

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